Ditch the diets. Find true wellness.

Have you tried every diet, weight loss challenge, or fitness fad?

Are you waiting to take that dream vacation until you lose 10 more pounds?

Are you constantly thinking about food and when you are going to eat next?

Do you struggle getting close to people because of the way you feel about your body?

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Hi! I’m Brit.

I’m a licensed mental health counselor, fitness professional, and owner of Current Wellness in downtown Raleigh. I’m here to help you move towards wellness.

I specialize in multiple disciplines because I believe in a holistic approach to wellness. I believe that in order to improve how you feel, you must try multiple strategies.

More specifically, I help clients create a healthy relationship with their body, food, and exercise. I also work with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma-related issues. Through counseling, we will work to increase self-compassion and decrease anxiety to find the life that you desire.

Read more about my services below or contact me to schedule a free phone consultation.

Thanks for being here and I hope to connect with you soon at The Current!

Weight-Inclusive Fitness Webinar

My fellow fitness pros, it’s time to move away from weight loss.

Motivating folks through weight loss does not work. In fact, it backfires and leads to negative health outcomes. Fitness, yoga, and wellness professionals must be part of dismantling diet culture. It’s our ethically responsibility to be part of the body liberation movement and support people’s health, no matter their size. This 2 hour recorded webinar will teach you WHY this is crucial and HOW to be weight-inclusive. Become a leader in the fitness industry, and become a Health at Every Size advocate.

Purchase the course here!

"Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations"

Mental Health Counseling

I provide mental health counseling to help with the following: Anxiety Trauma…
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Movement Coaching

I have been working as a fitness professional for over 15 years…