#mindflipmonday with Gracen Morris

#mindflipmonday with Gracen Morris

If you aren’t already familiar with my #mindflipmonday series, head over to this blog post to read the background on it.

July 23, 2018- Yoga Injury

Gracen Morris is a Yoga teacher at Midtown Yoga in Raleigh, NC. She inspires me with her genuine love for organic movement paired with breath. When I take her class, I never feel pressured to hold a posture that does not suit me. If you haven’t already checked her out, I highly recommend it!

Gracen leading the meditation at a Raleigh Group Fitness Pop-Up Workout for Headbands of Hope

One day we were having a conversation about her frustrations with her recent injuries. Unfortunately, she was having aches and pains and feeling captive in her body. “Why won’t my body let me do the things I want to do?” she thought.

Then, she sent me a message on Facebook. We were chatting and she says “It’s been tough on me mentally but I think I needed to slow my role a little. I have learned a lot about myself just in the past 5 weeks!”

There you have it, #mindflip. A Yoga teacher and former dancer who cannot be active is using this opportunity to rest, recover and reflect. Let’s be honest, it does not mean that she is grateful for her injury every second of every day. But, it does mean that she can find glimmers of hope here and there. She can sometimes breath into a fresh, positive perspective and trust that it’s going to be okay.

The ultimate goal with #mindflips are to seek out the lesson or the more positive outlook. The key word being “seek out.” It most likely won’t just come to you. It takes effort and intentionality, but with practice it can be so liberating. Gracen can’t change the fact that she is injured, so she is choosing a different mindset. Much love to you, Gracen. <3 

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