8 Tips on Transitioning into Fall with Less Anxiety

Is it just me or do you also get anxiety when the season changes? I’m back in school, so my daily life dramatically changes when the end of August rolls around. But, even if you’re not in school, things change. The days get shorter with much less daylight, the temperature begins to drop (which could be awesome if your summers are hot and humid!), the foliage changes, culture and events begin to shift into things like football and the holiday season… you get the idea.

Photo by Timothy Eberly

Also, people begin to say things like, “I can’t believe the summer is over!” and “the summer always flies by so fast!” Of course it does, because often we are having a blast and going on vacations. Time flies when we’re having fun…right?

What if instead, we said something like, “that was such a full summer and I’m ready for the fall?” For me, this thought shifts my perspective into less sadness and more contentment. Am I sad the summer is over? Sure. But do I have to focus on that? Well, that’s my choice.

Here are 8 things I’m doing to not only get me prepared for the fall, but also excited:

  1. Set a new schedule for “me time”. The daylight is going to get shorter and shorter until December. For me, I know that it’s going to be more challenging to wake up in the morning and go workout. I also know that I’m going to have much less time during the day to go workout because of my internship. Therefore, I’ve blocked off my calendar for Mondays at 9:45a, Wednesdays at 7:15a and Fridays at 12p for a personal workout, yoga or self-care appointment depending on what my mind and body needs. I can easily make an excuse that I need to do work instead of go to a class or appointment, but if I focus on how my personal time will make me more effective for work, while supporting my health, I’m much more likely to stay committed.
  2. Revisit your New Year’s resolutions. Avoid getting to the end of the year with regret. Is there something you’ve really been wanting to do or change? You still have plenty of time! If you don’t set a New Year’s resolution, maybe take some time to reflect on your year. You might even get a jump start on making some modifications for 2019. Head to this post for tips on setting a New Year’s Resolution that will last.
  3. Be grateful about your summer. It’s very common to feel sadness about the summer coming to a close. While this is a true emotion, we can also focus on gratitude for fun memories. Take a moment and reflect on your top 3 favorite memories of your summer and see how it enhances your mood.

    One of my favorite summer memories 🙂
  4. Focus on the opportunity ahead of you. I can get very caught up in all the things I have to complete in the next few weeks or even months. This can either paralyze me with anxiety or excite me depending on how I frame it in my mind. Try focusing on the opportunities rather than being inundated with the challenges. It does not take away from your challenges, but rather reframes your challenges into opportunities for growth and accomplishments.
  5. Get organized for the season change. At my house, we have been donating clothes and goods that we don’t need, cleaning the gutters, siding and blinds, organizing our clothes for the cooler weather, etc. While it definitely takes time to complete all of this, it’s totally worth the stress relief. My partner, Nathan, even commented that he feels like he’s going to be able to sleep better knowing that there is much less clutter around him.
  6. Meal prep and canning summer veggies. We know that we are going to have a crazy fall semester, so we have been freezing soups and easy grab and go lunches, as well as canning summer vegetables. Not going to lie, this was mainly Nathan, not me. #bestpartnerever I will say that having a freezer and cupboard full of food is going to help us not only save money from not going out to lunch when we are busy, but also avoid processed foods.

    Photo by Neha Deshmukh
  7. Breathe. When things get tough and there seems to be no way out of the anxiety, just breathe. My favorite breathing technique is belly breathing, which I explained in more detail here. You are in control of your breath which can help you feel in control of other things in your life. Or, you might be able to find acceptance that there are some things that we simply cannot control.
  8. Move and stretch while watching TV. Instead of sitting on the couch and losing mobility in my back, I will hop on a foam roller for a few minutes. I mostly roll out my back, glutes, hamstrings but you can roll whichever parts of your body feel stiff and tight. If you are interested, I use a full length foam roller like this one.*

There you have it. These are 8 of my personal tips that have really been helping me gear up for fall and reduce my anxiety. Any change is stressful, but there are always healthy ways that we can manage our stress. I hope you find these helpful and hope to hear from you soon!

With good intentions,

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