#mindflipmonday with Christa McCarthy-Miller

Mindflip Monday

If you haven’t heard about this mindful movement yet, head over to this blog post for a full explanation. Read on for the #mindflip feature about mental health!

Mental Health Stigma

I’m a firm believer that mental health is just as important, if not more important, than physical health. Why do we hear about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle changes for our physical health daily, yet we rarely hear about mental health? Stigma is a huge piece to this puzzle.

Disgrace. If you aren’t experiencing a mental health disorder, can you imagine what disgrace would feel like? Feeling disgraceful because of something you cannot control? And if you do experience mental health issues, you might know this feeling well.

Stigma is nothing new. In fact, there are plenty of campaigns about #stopthestigma. However, national campaigns often don’t flood into our daily conversations. In my opinion, we need micro #stopthestigma campaigns. These look like you taking this story and forwarding it to a friend or family member. Checking in on a friend and seeing how you can support their mental health. Or, reaching out to a family member and telling them how they can support your mental health. The more we talk about mental health on a regular basis, the more normal it becomes. The better positioned we are to get the care we need. There is less and less of an embarrassment to go see a counselor. And, as Dr. Grimmett (faculty member at NC State Counselor Education) says, “Counseling becomes like brushing our teeth.” It’s part of our wellness, preventative care and overall health plan.

#mindflip Story

Here’s Christa’s perspective on her mental health.

“Having depression and anxiety can make life very difficult for a plethora of reasons, but one is that certain situations can be particularly difficult to rationally navigate. I went through some really traumatic times, both work-wise and in my personal life, before I moved down here to Raleigh and sometimes I have a hard time reconciling the hurt and sadness of that time and it will all come flooding back and hit me like a ton of bricks. But then I remember that had it not been for that time, and those struggles, I may not have had the courage to prove to myself just how strong I really am by upping and moving to Raleigh basically sight-unseen. That difficult time brought me here, to happiness and peace at long last.”

I might add that this does not mean that she never faces struggle. Mental health has it’s ups and downs without warning. However, this story is rooted in her. She can always come back to it and remind herself of her strength. So thankful for you and your story, Christa! Thanks for sharing and inspiring so many.

I write about #mindflip stories because way too often we only see the good stuff on social media. Social media isn’t real life. Sadly, it can lead to unhealthy comparison and diminishing self-worth. If you want to read more of these stories, make sure you’re subscribed to receive my newsletter, Resilience on Draft.

Resilience on Draft. It’s a process that can be rewritten. What are you doing for your mental health this week?

With good intentions,